Divina De Campo opens her heart and reveals everything

Divina De Campo is probably the most famous redhead in the UK, after Geri Halliwell. Divina made us scream with joy every time we saw her in RuPaul’s DragRace UK and left us wanting for more. Since then, she has produce great catchy music, she has given breath-taking interviews and she has not stopped being in the spotlight.

Today, we interview DDC and we talk about everything. From Margaret Thatcher and Section 28 to RuPaul strategies and feuds. Of course we asked about the Frock Destroyers! Come along!

Condragulations on making the top two of Drag Race UK – how are you feeling?

I feel wonderful and this is so exciting! I am so glad that I made the top two on the first ever UK drag race and exceeded my expectations. During the show I was thinking that production would tap me on the shoulder and tell me “Thank you so much, but we made a mistake and you need to leave!”.

You had the best track record of all in the show. Do you think you should have been the winner?

I am happy I did so well in the competition. It took me some time to find my style in the competition and I have to admit that competition is not something that I completely love and when I get into a competition situation, I get sort of anxious and a bit in my head. So, I am very glad that this is all done and now I can work on my music and my very fresh EP that was just released.

Talk to me about your music. We listened to the first single of the album and it is just wow!

Aaaw, thank you! I am really excited about it. The EP is really good, there is real candy-floss pop in there. There is a lot going on there and we worked hard for this, from the lyrics to the background music and the beats, everything is well thought-on. The EP includes a lot pieces that I have worked on earlier so there a lot of thing being said there. The first 6 tracks are already out now and expect more from me! The first video clip can be found on YouTube, check it out and enjoy! The director of this video clip has worked with Nicky Minaj and it is a big honour to collaborate with him.

Would you record an album with The Frock Destroyers if you were asked?

Definitely. I would say “YES, of course,” I would be up for it! The experience was amazing absolutely and I would really love to see some Frock Destroyers in the future!

Did you expect that the Frock Destroyers would meet so much success?

I think none of us did! It was a great surprise to see that people love our song and also us, the Frock Destroyers.

How was your experience in RuPaul’s Drag Race UK?

I have to say that there was a lot of pressure and it was much more intense than what it looks. Oh my Goodness. Actually, it has been the most intense thing I have ever done in my entire life. If it was a normal job I would say that it was like preparing for a presentation and having you annual evaluation in front all the board. And that was every single day!

Are you happy with the way you were portrayed during the show?

I am very happy and I have to admit that the production was very kind to me. The support provided during and after the show was very big and I have to say a big thanks to the gays for being there for me and helping me.

Photographer: Leigh Keily

How is your relationship with The Vivienne at the moment?

Our relationship is great!

Do you think she was playing a game and was very strategic?

The Vivienne is very strong. She is an incredibly strong queen. This comes from the fact that she is an extraordinary drag queen. There are very few of us with such level of security as her. She is a star. I am the person who had to put a lot of effort and be professional, but for The Vivienne that was very natural. There are some of us who liked the competition and some who did not. The Vivienne liked it. And if you ask me if she was strategic, the answer is yes. She came to play the game and she is fucking great.

Leigh Keily

Was there a lack of diversity according to you in the show or the show represented the real UK drag scene?

I think there was quite a lot of diversity there. You had gay, non-binary contestants, and also, a black, an asian contestant and people from different backgrounds. To me this is quite a lot of diversity. But we have to take into consideration that the choice is always made on the audition videos that are sent to the production, and only the best get chosen, so I cannot make any comment on that because I was not in the decision-making team. However, I have seen the videos of the other contestants and they were all amazing. In this video you have to be the real you, and this is what we all did. In general, I think there can always be more diversity.

How has your life changed after the show?

My life has changed completely after the show. I am recognised in the street, people come and talk to me and they want to take a picture with me, even when I am out of drag and I look like a mess. The 10 seconds of you can make someone’s day and make them happy and this is an amazing gift that we are being given!

One of the most emotional moments this season occurred when you opened up about Section 28 – what kind of response did you receive online after? 

It’s been amazing. It’s been absolutely amazing. I think I have been quite articulate about the Section 28 and it is good to know that the new generation is aware of what happened. It has been a very powerful moment.

What were your best and worst moments during the show?

My best moment was definitely the Frock Destroyers and my worst moment was when I received some negative comments regarding my make-up and my costumes. The first week I was so negatively judged and it seemed that everything I was doing was very wrong. This affected me a lot because I had already done TV and radio and I started doubting why I was doing this to myself. But, after a bit, things started to work well for me! This is how the cookie crumbles.

Did you spend a lot of money for drag race?

I spent a whole lot of money for Drag Race. If you are thinking of participating in RuPaul’s Drag Race start saving money now. And also, you need to know several designers and be very professional. You can not go to drag race and look always the same, so you have to know in advance the people that you will collaborate with.

Would you go back to an All Stars?

If you asked me the day after we finished, the answer would be NO. If you ask me now, though, I would say YES!

What would you like to see different in season 2?

I would like to see some make-up queens, some queens that bring different kind of drag and queens that bring different styles to the programme.

Was there any comparison with the American queens?

Of course, there was a lot of comparison, but each one of us is doing something different. I have often been compared to Katya and Aquaria, but come on, Aquaria is like 15 years old compared to me, poor Aquaria. People say that I look like Katya and Yvie Oddlie, but I think that each one of us is different!

Who are your inspirations?

I am inspired by everything that is gay posh, crazy and cocky. I am inspired by people that are amazing and genuinely incredible. In terms of drag I am inspired with people who create a persona and then they smash it and change it.

How would you describe your style?

A little bit old school, a little bit new school, fun and I like trying different things all the time and change a lot.

Photographer: Guy Levy

What shall we expect from you in the future?

I am promoting my EP at the moment, and then in the New Year I will tour in the UK and then I am going to Australia and then there is some more music of me that will be released!

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