Celebrating 20 years of Tammie Brown

American drag-performer and recording artist, Tammie Brown recently celebrated two decades of drag with a special gala. Tammie has made a huge name for herself as one of the first drag queens that appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1 and everyone remembers the epic argument RuPaul. Tammie also participated in RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars, and then she dedicated herself to the Southern California drag scene.

The “20 Years of Tammie Brown” gala included a special appearance by Milk and feature guest performances by Kelly Mantle, Jackie Beat, Esera Tuaolo, and Dolly Levi Tammie that closed the night out with a special live performance of her new album, “Schubert.” 

How was the gala regarding the 20 years of Tammie?

It was spectacular, awesome! So many friends were there and so many fabulous people. Jackie B was there, Milk was my guest of honours, Kelly mantles was there and Sheila from our hit series … which is on Instagram, Ezra Tuwallo was there as well and performed too. So many people!

How does it feel to celebrate 2 decades of drag?

It was exciting! The truth is that I was so stressed out during the celebration that I did not enjoy it, but I am very happy that it has been 20 years of Tammie and it feels quite an accomplishment! It is a good reason to celebrate.  And I am so young, I am almost 40 and I have been doing that since high school.

So, how has your drag changed over the years?

It’s always evolving! It is being organic, it’s always natural! I have not changed from being naturally who I am. And this is what life is! And yes, because of RuPaul I became more famous, but that’s about it. I always stay true to myself and I take what comes my way. Funny is natural for me. Now, I can say “Yes, I am a comedian” because I say the right jokes, and this is natural and comes from me. Now, I can embrace it and can understand that I am a comedian.

How would you describe yourself and your drag style?

Everything is from the heart and what you see is natural and I am authentically myself. Now I am in the position to encourage others, which is the coolest thing. I am also socially and environmentally aware #queenofacause .

How would you describe your new album Schubert? What shall we expect to hear?

There is a song in me newly released album called “Sexy sexy Orangutan” that is a song regarding what is going on with the palm oil industries that are depleting the forests and kill several animal species including the orangutans that are abused. You can also find the “Queen Killer” in my album which is social commentary. I find it important to speak about what is there environmentally and socially. It is also important that politicians are here to help us, but politicians all they do is to fill their pockets these days and they don’t help us and the future generations in this time of decline. And it now only our plane, it is the planet of the animals and of Mother earths as well. It is time that we start facing reality. Indigenous culture is important too and it is time we do something about that.

How do you feel with the great reviews that your new album has received?

You will hear songs that will stay in your memory and songs that are fun and fresh and that are relics of the 80s disco era and will get you moving and grooving. The album was inspired by Amanda Lear. From there I took ideas from artists that I like a lot, like Tina Turner and Dulce and Lucia Mendes. I like the style of the 80s songs and this is something that I like to sing.  I am really excited that the reviews are so good and that people are enjoying it so much, I think this is amazing and I want more of that. I feel super happy because I have been working so hard with my music for such a long time. I am thrilled!

Who are your inspirations and who do you admire from the drag scene?

My favourite inspirations which I invited for the gala are Jackie B and Lady Bunny and Coco Peru. These are my three favourite drag queens. I also love Lip Sinka, I love Cheryl Line, a lot of 60s and 80s inspirations and also Milk, who has this innocence and is also so creative and pure and this is super inspiring. Kelly Mantle is also super inspiring. I would also like to give a shoutout to Trixie Mattel who is always telling so beautiful things about me. There is so much drag inspiration. I also love Karen From Finance who came from Australia to my show! Everyone in drag is creative and inspirational. When you are in drag you create and develop the style and your technique. Honey Mahogany is also one of those queens that does a lot in San Francisco for the people, but we never hear about it. She is out there doing it.

You are the first drag artist who has achieved mainstream success on the 1 season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. How was your experience in Season1 and All-Stars 1?

I didn’t enjoy being on it per se. If I was asked to be on an All Stars again I would gladly do it for the fans and for the extra publicity. But, it is not so much wonderful experience. I am really happy it’s been able to become so much more mainstream and this is wonderful. It is inspiring to people to. I am thankful to RuPaul and to all the casting agents in the show.

Have you had the chance to watch the British Drag Race?

No, but I did have the chance to meet the girls. They are sweethearts.

Do you think the aesthetics look different to the American ones?

The British have always been drag openly longer than what we have here in the United States and they have major super stars like di larou and dei medna, that were from Australia originally, but had this drag stars camp for such a long time. Compared to the United States we’ve had RuPaul and other ones but they have always been underground.

What’s dating like as a famous drag queen?

It is fine with me. I feel like people like me both ways in and out of drag and I can go out not in drag. I don’t have any issues with dating.

What are your future plans?

I will do a tour with Schubert and I will continue to make the series for browns. We are also working on an environmental cause which is called Queen with a cause, which will be released very soon. I will continue to design clothes and garments, as we do to sell them at Drag cons, because our fans seem to like the truth and the artistry. Then, expect more music! I am working on another album and I will continue to deal with environmental issues and spread awareness on what is going in environmentally and on the indigenous culture and I will continue to be fully artistic and grow and work on my YouTube channel too.

If you want more Tammie make sure to check her wildly hilarious Instagram program called #TheBrowns.


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