Gingzilla, the 7ft ginger bearded GLAMONSTER

Gingzilla is the 7ft ginger bearded GLAMONSTER! And, also, an award-winning international cabaret and performance artist. She has been on the spotlight for several reasons. She first appeared in Americas’s Got Talent and this is where it all begun. Then, X-Factor appeared in her life. Later on, she decided to move to London and her career took off. This summer, we all enjoyed her performance in the Underbelly Festival in London. At the moment she is working her pussy off and spreading some Xmas Cher, while preparing her two new 2020 shows. YASS met Gingzilla during her lunch-break and we have the best discussion ever. Here it is!

credits: Aidan Orange Photography

Do you feel successful?

Depends on how do you define success? Having a mansion over looking the Amalfi coast? Earning millions of Yen? Performing for the Queen? I guess I have always seen success as being able to perform and create for a living. So… In my definition Im doing pretty well. hehe

How did you decide to participate in The X Factor and America’s Got Talent? How was that experience?

The opportunity came about to participate in both shows and I thought… Why not.… What do I have to lose? Both experiences were great! I got to see the immense behind the scenes of Reality TV, showcase a glimpse of what I do and was exposed to a world wide audience. All in all a very positive outcome.

Where does your name come from?

Im ginger and a HUGE bitch….hehe. It just made sense. In all seriousness when I first started and even to this day I really want to play with the juxtaposition of masculine vs feminine. Beautiful vs Grotesque / Monstrous. My names encapsulates this synergy.

The British media and audience love you! Do you feel it was a good choice to move to the UK from Australia? What made decide to move to London?

Moving to the UK was the best decision on my life! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE me some Australia, but the UK is where I truly stepped into living my life as artist. The decision to move to the UK was on a whim to be honest. I was going to Paris to study at Gaulier the infamous clown school and my singing teacher at the time said “why are you coming back…. theres nothing for you here”. I took the suggestion and  ran with it. I applied for my youth visa and hopped the pond. The UK was where I discovered Drag and Drag has changed my life.

Bernie Dieter’s Little Death Club – 03-01-19

What are the similarities between Ben Hudson and Gingzilla?

Ooooh depends on who you ask hehe. I guess GZ is the extension of Ben. Being allowed to live with a “No Fucks Given” attitude that I can’t necessary live in a day to day life without receiving the consequences. I cant be going around licking peoples faces now can I? It’s the humanity of Ben that breathes life and vulnerability into GZ. One can not exist without the other. Beautiful / Chaotic symbiosis.

How has the drag scene changes/evolved since you started?

I’ve been performing as GZ for 3.5 years now. Even in that relatively short time I have seen an explosion of drag appreciation across the globe. Drag is now been seen as the art form that it truly is. Of course there is still so much more room for inclusion in mainstream media i.e. Drag Kings, Trans performers, People of colour and Cis Females. At the end of the day Drag is the performance and celebration of “gender”. Get involved and showcase your expression.

How do you define yourself?

The 7ft Ginger Bearded GLAMONSTER!

How do you describe your drag style?

Chuck Norris, Jessica Rabbit and Lucille Ball’s Love Child.

credits: Henry Maynard

What is the message you want to spread as Gingzilla?

Be love. See Love.

The more love you give out into the world the more you receive in return. Get out there and experience live performance, it has the power to connect us in a profound way.


How is gender perception and sexuality affecting drag? You have said that you tend to “confuse people”. Is it still the case nowadays?

The discussion of gender and sexually has definitely broadened since I started drag. People are less “WTF” when they see me and are more “Oooo ahhh let me find out more about this”. I encourage people to ask questions and be curious. Thats what I hope to achieve – the greater community gaining empathy through challenging their own self perception.

Would you consider going to a drag reality competition such as RuPaul’s Drag Race?

My bags are packed and I’m ready / raring to go. I am one competitive bitch! I won’t be holding back. Hold my gloves….

credits: JAMES GOURLAY – Edingburgh Grand 2018

How is the drag scene of London different to the one of Australia?

I haven’t experienced the Australian drag scene since I was 18. All I remember was Kylie impersonators and muscly back up dancers. It surely has blossomed and become something incredible – I mean Karen from Finance and Art Simone lewk dem bitches up!!!! I’m excited to experience what the scene is like when I fly back to OZ in 2020.

Who is your drag mama and who are the other drag artists you admire?

Youtube is my Drag Mother. I learnt everything from sitting and watching all of the tutorials and then just practice, practice, practice. It wont happen over night…. but it will happen. My biggest drag / performer inspirations are Le Gateau Chocolate, iOTA and Meow Meow.

What are your future plans?

Oooooff, Where do I start? Wrapping up the end of the year I will be ringing those slay bells from up high. She will be working her pussy off and spreading some Xmas Cher. In 2020 I’m developing and giving birth to two new shows. GINGZILLA: Live & Loud at Perth World Fringe Festival in January. A concert cabaret serving the children with all of my signature numbers. Then in May I will be debuting GING & The Zilla’s at the Darlinghurst Theatre in Sydney as part of the ROAR festival. This is an unapologetic Fierce Fem Rock piece – Jim Morison meets Joan Jet realness. I won’t be stopping until I conquer the world!!!!

More of Gingzilla here:

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