MEAT The Berlin Bruisers that celebrate male body positivity (exclusive teaser)

MEAT is back celebrating male body positivity with an exclusive teaser for YASS readers only!

From the locker room to the pitch and in the showers: Find out what goes on with Germany’s first gay and inclusive rugby club. meat the Berlin Bruisers features 25 players from the Berlin club’s 60+ strong membership who were photographed by meat’s founder Adrian Lourie.

Adrian, who first published meat in 2010 as a “celebration of the bodies of ‘ordinary’ gay men” was immediately attracted to the project and saw it as a companion to his 2016 meat project with London’s Kings Cross Steelers (the world’s first gay and inclusive rugby team). This new collaboration with the Bruisers made “perfect sense’ to Adrian because they celebrate the same body positivity that he strives to achieve with meat.

Adriano Lenti had little hesitation in saying yes to the project and says “I think there is a big problem with a lack of diversity in media today surrounding men’s bodies, especially in the LGBTQ+ community. Personally, I have many problems with my own body image, so for me it was important to participate. Our team is made up of men of all shapes and sizes and there’s room for everyone.” The magazine doesn’t hold back on exploring the playful and sexy camaraderie shared by the members. As Club president Leighton Cheal explains “We didn’t hesitate when we were approached to take part in this special edition of meat as we feel the values of body positivity and showcasing real guys ‘as they are’ are absolutely shared by us and by the rugby community in general. We also think it is important to recognise that sex and sexuality are not separate. Often as GBTQ+ men we are often asked to ‘sanitise’ ourselves to make people feel more comfortable. We don’t think we need to hide in that way.” The pinup zine is available in regular and collectors print editions, each featuring a colour photo print.

Meat the Berlin Bruisers is available to buy form and selected stockists worldwide (see website for info). 20% of every issue sold will go towards supporting the club.

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