YASS sex guide: Prostate Orgasm

Everybody deserves a prostate orgasm and YASS is here to help you achieve it! There are many people who have not experienced this Oooh-Ah-Ah sensation, but don’t worry, we have prepared this mini guide to help you achieve your best goals!

In this article you can find the tips you need on how to do the best preparation for the best anal pleasure, how to make this happen and what products are the best to help you maximise this pleasure!

There are a lot of reasons people like anal play. It can feel amazing, it can create feelings of surrender and connection, and for some people, it can tap into the fun of playing with the taboo. And for men, there can be an additional way to make anal play fun. Find out why prostate play is the best way to experience pleasure.

How to find your prostate

The prostate gland, also known as the P-spot, is 3-4 inches (7.5-10cm) from the beginning of the anal canal, and it’s about 1 inch (2.5 cm) across. It’s just behind and above the deepest portion of the penis, and it’s right below the bladder. The urethra (the tube running from the bladder and out the penis) runs right through the center of the prostate. The prostate is on the other side of the rectum (the last portion of the digestive system). During sexual arousal, the prostate starts to fill up with fluid that it releases during ejaculation.

A lot of men say that prostate massage feels like the beginning of an orgasm. That makes sense since it squeezes during ejaculation so that the prostate fluid can mix with and carry sperm out of the body. So imagine the sensation of “the point of no return” lasting for as long as you want, and you’ll have an idea of why guys like anal play.

From a pleasure perspective, the P-spot is a lot like the G-spot in women. It feels better when you’re turned on because it swells like a tiny water balloon. A lot of men say that orgasms that come from prostate stimulation feel bigger, more expansive, or more full-body. That’s how a lot of women describe G-spot orgasms. And while some men enjoy prostate stimulation on its own, others need to include the penis in their pleasure. Similarly, some women love G-spot play without anything else, and other women need to include clitoral stimulation to get the most out of it.

Anal penetration is the easiest way to find the P-Spot. Simply insert a finger (with the right lubricant) and curl your fingertip towards the navel. It’s much easier to have a partner help with this, or use a toy like the Trio plug. If your arm and hand are flexible, you’ll have more luck.

The prostate should feel like a ripe plum: firm, with a little give to it. If you can’t find it, that might be because there isn’t enough for it to start to swell. Try adding some familiar pleasure like oral sex or some erotic massage first.

On the receiver’s side, some guys get fireworks as soon as their prostates get touched. Other guys report that it feels like they need to urinate. That means that you’re on the right spot, but using too much pressure. Back off a bit and try more gently. If it feels to you like you’ve found it, but he can’t feel anything, that’s also a common experience. It might take a few tries before he can tune into the sensations.

Everything you need to know about prostate orgasm in infographics!

The 5 stages of prostate orgasm

While trying to find the perfect product to achieve the best prostate orgasm, we came across Aneros. One look at their products and you know that they take matters seriously. Every cm of their products is designed to perfection, as they reach the perfect spots to provide pleasure to the maximum. And trust me it worked. In the beginning after finding out how this product is used, and after putting the right amount of lube on the glorious toy, everything was smooth! Effortless, smooth, easy and pure joy generator!

Aneros products are typically “hands-free”, which means that your rectal muscles do the whole job without having to produce simulations manually. All you need to do is insert the toy and then  move around to create the sensations that will eventually drive you to an O-rgasm. Also, the forum seemed pretty helpful as you feel part of a wide team where customers come together and share their experience and useful advice.

For over 20 years, Aneros has been bringing its customers unique and effective sexual aids which promote both health and pleasure through its patented, hands-free prostate massagers. With each model’s precise anatomical design, transcendent experiences like the “Super-O” are made possible. Years of research and development have made Aneros a trailblazer in the area of sexual health and wellness, with ongoing product innovations that continue to redefine the limits of quality and performance. Aneros Femme, the latest branch in the Aneros family, is devoted to products anatomically designed for women, such as the non-motorized Kegel exerciser EVI, and VIVI, a hands-free Kegel exerciser with vibrating g-spot massager. Recognized around the world, Aneros is a media favorite, featured in outlets such as Vice, Ask Men, Gizmodo, NY Mag, Brides, and many more. Additionally, its Trident Series has been prestigiously acknowledged as the 2019 Xbiz Non-Powered Sex Toy of the Year, one of many distinguished awards Aneros’ products have earned. Aneros’ mission is to continue to deliver safe, innovative products for improved sexual health and pleasure for men, women, and couples, quickly and discreetly. For more information, visit Aneros.comTwitter.com/AnerosFacebook.com/Aneros or Instagram.com/Aneros_Official.

In 2012 Aneros introduced the Helix Syn™. Featuring the perfect combination of responsiveness and focused stimulation paired with the comfort and elegance of silicone, the Helix Syn™ went on to become the most popular hands free male G spot massager in the world. Today they proudly present the Helix Syn™ Trident, the synthesis of our newest Trident series innovations with our most luxuriant velvet touch silicone yet. The Helix Syn™ Trident powerfully amplifies encounters with a partner and takes solo exploration to the level of multi-orgasmic ecstasy.

The innovative and newly-launched Helix Syn Trident prostate massager, from leading sexual health and wellness products manufacturerAneros®, is the most advanced product of its kind on the market, the company says.

“As the leading manufacturer of prostate massagers and related wellness products, we are pleased to present the innovative Helix Syn Trident, the most effective and innovative non-motorized prostate massager available. It is designed with unique capabilities that provide added comfort, greater responsiveness, and a more ergonomic design to work in better harmony with the body!”

The Helix Syn Trident follows the highly successful Helix Syn, offering men an innovative and ergonomic prostate massager that feels great while providing relief from prostate complications and preventative measures for erectile dysfunction (ED). The Helix Syn Trident features a specially balanced body that provides a greater range of motion, increased responsiveness, and more focused internal stimulation. The Helix Syn handle and P-tab have been replaced by a dual-tab design that produces a spring-like action with a unique “cradling” sensation, for more external stimulation, with greater stability. This new arm configuration is more form-fitting, making the Helix Syn Trident comfortable for sitting, standing and walking….the ultimate Aneros for all day pleasure. Other upgrades include a softer, smoother silicone exterior with a slightly firmer inner framework and a new red and white on black multi-tonal aesthetic.

The Helix Syn Trident combines the utmost comfort with focused stimulation for partnered or solo play, making it one of the most versatile products in the Aneros line. 

Known for its popular Kegel Exercisers and its bestselling line of prostate massagers, Aneros has been honored with Sex Toy of the Year – Non-Powered for its acclaimed Trident Series prostate massagers at the2019 XBIZ Awards. Aneros has also been nominated Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer – Medium at the2019 AVN Awards while also earning Outstanding Product For Men nomination at the 2019 “O” Awards.

Aneros’ website, Aneros.com, features the Aneros Forum, which creates a safe, sex-positive atmosphere for consumers to learn about improving their health and discovering new forms of pleasure. For the latest selection of Kegel Exercisers and G-Spot stimulators available now, please visit Aneros’ sister website,AnerosFemme.com.

How it works:

The Old Way

Before the Aneros Stimulator, prostate massages always involved someone performing the massage, whether it be a physician during a check up, body work therapist, or if lucky, a skilled partner. Providing an effective massage is definitely an acquired skill. Due to flexibility constraints, realizing the benefits of an effective self-massage for most men has not been possible.

The Aneros Way

The Aneros Stimulator allows men to self-administer a prostate massage comfortably and discreetly. Simply through anal kegel exercises, the Aneros’s design utilizes a self-pivoting mechanism that stimulates the prostate internally and external via the perineum. This is done completely hands free, allowing a user freedom to explore the sensations in any number of positions.

Reach the Super Orgasm

Using the Aneros Stimulator is progressively rewarding. Every session builds on the previous, increasing your body’s understanding of the sensations it has experienced, and incorporating new ones. Through practice and exploration, a user can reach the pinnacle of body/mind pleasure called the Super-O.

How to use your massager

When you have your Aneros massager inserted, squeeze your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle group. This is the muscle that you can contract to make your penis bounce when you have an erection. It’s also the group of the muscles that contract during ejaculation.

When you squeeze the muscle, it causes the anus to tighten and pull up inward, toward your head. The front tab on your massager acts like a fulcrum, so each contraction levers the shaft of your Aneros into your prostate. When you relax the muscle, the massager returns to its original position. Your ability to use your PC muscle gives you the ideal control over the speed and pressure of your massage, and with a little practice you can create different sensations on your prostate.

You can use your Aneros during solo sessions or with a partner. It’s comfortable to wear in almost any position other than sitting. Since it needs to move freely in order to get that lever action, sitting on a chair or couch doesn’t work.

Try squeezing your PC muscle in short bursts or hold it for a longer time. Experiment with timing it with penis stimulation or explore it on its own. Since your pelvic muscles also squeeze and relax during sexual stimulation, you can also allow the natural contractions of your pelvis to control the motion instead of doing it deliberately. Natural contractions can take some practice to tune into, but they allow you to enjoy a much longer session and a lot of men say it’s their favorite technique!

Some guys experiment by moving the Aneros manually, but that’s not really how it’s designed. You’ll get more from it if you allow your PC muscle to do the work.

One last tip – the front tab sometimes slips off to the side, which means your Aneros won’t get levered correctly. If that happens, simply reach down and slide it back to where it should be.

Kegel Exercises

Since the PC muscle is in charge of making your Aneros work, you’ll want to get it in shape. The longer and more firmly you can squeeze it before it gets tired, the better your Aneros session will be. As an added bonus, a toned PC muscle can also make your erections firmer.

Learning to control your PC muscle takes some practice, so you need to do your Kegel exercises. Named for the doctor who popularized this exercise for women, Kegels are just as important for men to do.

There are two ways to identify which muscle you want to work on. If you’ve ever made your erection bounce by squeezing your pelvic floor, you already know where your PC muscle is, even if you didn’t know that’s what you were doing. The other technique is to sit on the toilet and start to urinate. Once urine begins flowing, squeeze the muscle that makes it stop. That’s the one you’re aiming for. You only need to do this while urinating the first time, in order to find the muscle. After that, you can exercise it any time.

Now that you know where your PC muscle is, here are three ways to work it:

1) Do a squeeze and release on a two count. (squeeze-two, relax-two)

2) Do a slow four-count cycle. (squeeze-two-three-four, hold-two-three-four, release-two-three-four, relax-two-three-four)

3) Do a series of quick butterfly squeezes, followed by an equal resting time.

Start off with just a few reps at a time and build up, just like any exercise. Be sure to rest and relax the muscle in between sets to avoid muscle spasms. Don’t forget to breathe during your pelvic workout- exhale on the squeeze and inhale on the relax.

The more you do your Kegel exercises, the more you’ll get out of your Aneros sessions, so remember to do them every day and you’ll see how amazing your prostate pleasure will be!

Using it solo or with a partner

One of the great things about the Aneros massagers is how many ways you can use them. A lot of men enjoy having their partners massage their prostates, but it’s difficult to combine prostate massage with other kinds of sex. Fortunately, the Aneros makes it easy to combine them.

You can use your Aneros during almost any kind of partnered sex, including oral sex and intercourse. Some men say it’s easier to tune into the prostate sensations if they’re in a less active role. For example, intercourse while you lie on your back with your partner astride you may work better than missionary position because the larger motions of thrusting can make it difficult to tune into the prostate pleasure. But other guys say they enjoy using their Aneros while in a more active role during intercourse, so it’s worth trying it to see what works for you.

Using the Aneros when you’re solo is one of the best ways to enjoy prostate massage. It can be difficult to manually massage your own prostate, though men with longer arms and more flexible wrists often enjoy it. Using the Aneros makes self-massage easy. Your Aneros is a great add-on during masturbation. In fact, your PC muscle may involuntarily contract as you get turned on, so you can get prostate pleasure even if you’re not trying to control your Aneros.

What’s special about Aneros?

What makes the Aneros different from other pleasure products is that it’s designed to focus specifically on the prostate. Other toys might offer amazing anal sensations, but that’s different from prostate stimulation.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, dildos are designed to create an in-and-out sensation by sliding back and forth. This means they aren’t hands-free and many of them aren’t shaped for maximum prostate stimulation.

A butt plug (also called anal plug) has a wide bulb and a narrow neck. It’s inserted into the anus, allowing the muscles to hold the neck and keep it in place. This creates a sense of fullness, while also being hands-free. However, most plugs don’t move very much and many aren’t long enough to reach the prostate anyway, so they don’t offer much prostate pleasure.

Unlike dildos and butt plugs, your Aneros massager is designed with prostate anatomy and pleasure in mind. It’s hands-free, so it’s simple to use. Since the purpose is to stimulate the prostate rather than the anus, it’s slim for easy insertion and men who want to enjoy prostate pleasure without focusing on anal stimulation say it’s the perfect design.

There are other prostate massagers available, but they aren’t made with the same care, attention, and understanding of male anatomy as the Aneros. Aneros massagers are the only ones designed for a true hands-free experience, to work with the body’s own contractions. The hands-free concept facilitates a mind/body experience which elevates the amount of pleasure a man can receive from an Aneros massager over others. If you want the best prostate massager, remember than Aneros was the pioneer and we continue to make the best products around!

Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

While medical research still has a way to go when it comes to understanding the benefits of prostate massage, there are a lot of men who have had positive results from it. Massage increases blood flow and improves health in any part of the body, but there are ways in which it’s especially useful for your prostate.

One of the possible causes of prostatitis is having tight pelvic muscles that can squeeze or compress the gland. Unlike bacterial infections, which can be treated with antibiotics, the physical irritation from nearby muscles won’t be affected by medication. But learning to relax the pelvic floor and doing Kegel exercises can relieve tension and improve prostate health.

Massage can also be helpful for men with an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH). Men with BPH often have difficulty urinating because the gland squeezes around the urethra. Fortunately, lots of guys with this condition report that massage can help reduce symptoms and the Aneros makes it a lot easier to massage yourself than trying to do it by hand.

Massage may have other benefits for your prostate health. Some doctors believe that the microscopic glands that produce prostatic fluid can get blocked up and that massage can help clear the gland and improve function. It’s also believed that a bacterial infection can form a biofilm, which is an enclosure that protects the bacteria within it. It’s similar to the plaque that can form on teeth. Massage may break up the biofilm and make it easier for your immune system to get to work. And if you’re taking antibiotics for the infection, they’ll be more effective.

Lastly, prostate massage improves your health because the more familiar you are with your prostate, the easier it is to get the best medical attention when you need it. Men who aren’t familiar with prostate sensations might only be able to tell a doctor it feels uncomfortable “down there.” Guys who know what and where their prostates are can often help their doctors make the right diagnosis because they can feel what’s going on. Knowledge and informed communication can speed the medical process and get them the right care.

With all of these health benefits to prostate massage, isn’t it good to know something can be good for you and feel so amazing at the same time?

Care and Cleaning

Whether your Aneros is made from hard plastic or it’s coated with silicone, the non-porous material is easy to clean. Simply wash it with soap and hot water and let it air dry. You can use any kind of soap to clean it.

If you’re using the Vice, be sure to remove the vibrator before washing it. The silicone portion can be disinfected by washing it and then putting it in boiling water for five minutes. Don’t boil the other models since the plastic can be damaged by boiling.

For more information about the prostate massaging check here: https://darlingway.com/pages/aneros-learning-center-men

Check Aneros here:


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