meat NAKED 2019 calendar is bringing real men to redefine sexy

The infamous meat NAKED Calendar is back for 2019, once more challenging the stereotypes of what makes gay men sexy. Real men are redefining sexy! 12 regular guys of different shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds have stripped off to prove that real men have got it going on.


Adrian, who has published the gay pin-up zine meat since 2010 says his portraits of men “attempts to redefine what it is to be a sexy gay man. Representing our community is always going to be a work in progress but the meat calendar is a great opportunity to celebrate the bodies of real men.”

Check out meat’s exclusive calendar video:

meat is the original, iconic and legendary UK pinup pictorial with an ever-increasing cult status that celebrates (extra)ordinary guys in a classic pictorial format full of stylish, un-retouched, natural photos. So, what you see is what you get. Real guys, as they are.

meat is the ultimate quarterly, homemade gay boy-art-smut zine that is beyond popular in the UK and it is sold in the most spectacular places you could ever image (from the Tate Modern to sex-shops in Soho). It is available in a limited,  hand signed and numbered edition of 100 exclusively from or as a regular edition from a number of London based and international stockists. Each issue contains a pull-out centrefold and an exclusive 6×4 colour print.


Everything started 7 years ago when there was a real feeling that magazines were being replaced by digital downloads. At the same time zine culture and DIY publishing was having a resurgence in popularity. These things really interested Adrian, along with his looking at dudes in their underpants of course. He was also a rookie photographer, not long in London and looking for a project. He was a bit disillusioned with the more mainstream gay media and it’s portrayal of the community in terms of what was considered sexy. It encouraged him to try and present a different point of view.

The aesthetic was very minimal initially. The images were clean, bright, unstyled and unretouched, usually shot on a plain backdrop. Most of those elements remain but these days Adrian tends to try and shoot as many guys as possible in their own environments.


South Londoner Darren didn’t hesitate in signing up and sees his calendar cover image making a statement saying, “Gay media tends to focus on a very specific body type and that doesn’t always make me feel that comfortable with my own body. I thought what better way to combat that by getting my kit off.”

East Londoner Luis also found his photo shoot empowering and says, “Meat (and Adrian) gave me the confidence to appear as I am. If we don’t show other perspectives, we’ll always believe that (gay) men’s bodies are just like the ones we see in every other gay magazine.”


North Londoner Nick needed no persuasion to ‘drop trou ‘ saying, “I love Adrian’s work and I jumped at the chance to get involved.” He’s also thrilled with the images, which will also appear in the accompanying issue of the print zine ‘meat naked’ and says


“They’re an honest reflection of where I am right now.   Seeing the end result has definitely increased my confidence and acceptance of myself, flaws and all.”


South East London couples Darren and Paul were keen to defy the stereotypes of older gay men, saying, “We’re either perceived as daddy potential or over the hill. The ideal is portrayed through the media channels we all so readily interact with as muscled, smooth and tanned.  The reality is we’re all shapes, sizes and ages too.  Now is the time to embrace our differences.’


More of meat here:







*Pictures censored online only. All images are courtesy of Adrian Lourie.


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