Marc Antony explains how it is to be the sexiest LGBTQ+ model over 50 in the UK

Who said that modelling has an expiry date? Marc Antony is one of the sexiest male UK-based models over 50 and he proves the opposite. Working as an LGBTQ+ model, Marc is here to break the boundaries and show that sometimes age does not matter! YASS Magazine met the popular star of modelling and here is the exclusive interview.


Credit - will Dube - photographer.PNG
credits: Will Dube

When did you start your modelling career?

I modelled for a few years during my time at university, however I parked that after graduation as I steered toward a road of financial stability which led me to pursue a corporate career. Fast forward nearly 30 years later, I was scouted by a fashion photographer, whilst working out at the gym. It coincided with a time when I was ready to step away from the corporate world. Therefore, when I was scouted, I felt like I had gone a full circle and “the universe” was pulling me back to my first calling. And what an amazing journey it has been in the last few years!

What does modelling mean for you?

Modelling allows me to express myself in countless ways without having to say a single word. It is a great form of expression and an art form in its own right!

Did you always know that you wanted to be an actor and model?

Absolutely! My first foray into film was in my early teens, in a walk-on part in “Shout at the Devil” back in 1976, starring two of the major Hollywood stars of that time – Roger More and Lee Marvin. And that was it, I got hooked. I went on to several other parts in movies and TV series over the following years.

Credit - Craig Macleod - photographer (3)
credits: Craig Macleod
Credit - Bobby Cray - photographer
credits: Bobby Cray
Credit - Bobby Cray - photographer (2)
credits: Bobby Cray
Credit - Al Smith - photographer
credits: Al Smith

How do you feel in front of the camera?

Comfortable, at ease, and at one with myself. It may sound strange, however when I step in front of the camera I automatically switch into another persona, very much in tune with my inner self.

Are you comfortable with nudity and exposing yourself during a photoshoot?

Indeed, I am comfortable with it, if the images are tasteful, stylish and with a “fine art” concept. The human body is beautiful. To me it is possibly the greatest natural work of art, as unique as each single masterpiece by the Great Masters, who have painted the human form over the centuries. I think society today is far more accepting and appreciative of the depiction of the nude human form than it was just a couple of decades ago.

How do you manage to stay so fit? Is gym the answer?

Ah! Hard work. Staying so fit in one’s 50s is a tough challenge 😊 Having said that, I firmly believe it is truly worth the effort and the discipline involved. Goes with the philosophy that if you look good, you feel good – physically and psychologically. It is a well-known fact that working out regularly releases the “feel good / happy” endorphins into our body. On a personal level, I combine working out at the gym 5 times a week, with a good & balanced diet, consisting of clean eating most of the time. I must confess though, that I am very partial to chocolate and ice cream and I won’t deny myself these treats occasionally. Moderation is the secret.

What is your every day like?

My day starts with a light breakfast, followed by an hour or so of attending to business emails and phone calls to my agents etc, then off to the gym for my daily workout, on some days there are castings to attend in London, most of these tend to take place late mornings, then it is time for lunch and I take this as an opportunity to catch up with friends and industry associates. Afternoons tend to be popular times for photo shoots, so these and early evenings are often taken up with shoots. Evenings are my real chill out times for leisurely dinners and catching up on movies or latest episode of my favourite TV shows. I do however travel overseas quite often for my modelling work, and then it is a very different scenario to my daily life in London.

Is the gay audience your biggest target group?

I would say it is and I am always delighted by the reaction and feedback I get from my gay audience. I very much welcome it!

Credit - Superchargedguys - photographer
credits: Superchargedguys
Credit - Krystian Data - photographer
credits: Krystian Data
Credit - Krystian Data - photographer
credits: Krystian Data
Credit - Karl Royce - photographer
credits: Karl Royce
Credit - Karl Royce - photographer
credits: Karl Royce
Credit - Ivan weiss - photographer
credits: Ivan Weiss
Credit - George Harkins - photographer
credits – Karl Royce
Credit - Craig Macleod - photographer
credits: Craig Macleod

What has been your biggest achievement?

On a personal level, I guess it would have to be the point of where I am in my life today. It has been a very fascinating journey so far, with some intriguing twists and detours. I believe that once you have reached a milestone or a set goal, then you embark on your next one. Professionally, one of my greatest achievements is having shot last summer with one of the world’s most famous photographers. That really was incredible. I could not believe it when my agent had called me to say that this photographer had chosen to shoot me for an editorial in one of the most recognised magazines worldwide.

How do you feel about being one of the sexiest UK based male models over 50?

Now you make me blush 😊 I never really considered myself as being so. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am pretty much the grounded sort. However, I really do appreciate your compliment. It is great to be thought of in such a flattering and charming manner. Thank you!

What advice would you give to young LGBTQ+ models that would love to follow your career?

My advice would be, believe in yourself, with determination and confidence you can succeed, whilst at the same time not forgetting to be humble. Listen to those who will happily share their experience and industry knowledge with you, as we can all learn from each other. And finally, be prepared to take those jobs which do not seem to be terribly glamorous or well paid when you are starting out. Quite often these are your door openers to your future.

Credit - Will Dube - photographer (3)
credits: Will Dube
Credit - Will Dube - photographer (2)
credits: Will Dube
Credit - Superchargedguys - photographer
credits: Superchargedguys
Credit - Superchargedguys -photographer
credits: Superchargedguys

How would you describe yourself?

Ambitious, fun, empathic, adventurous, inquisitive, open-minded whilst pretty much level-headed……at least most of the time 😊

With which famous photographer would you like to collaborate with?

I have been very lucky and privileged to have shot with some already and the experience was amazing. There are obviously quite a few others whom I would LOVE to collaborate with… Steve McCurry, Joe McNally, Peter Hurley and Annie Leibowitz are in my top dream collaboration list!

Would you shave your beard for a photoshoot?

Now that is a difficult one and I have often thought about it. My beard is really an integral part of my personal branding, so it would be difficult to imagine myself without it, especially in my modelling work. However, if a fabulous opportunity or amazing offer came along, then I would take it into serious consideration.



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