Pink Narcizo is serving visual orgasms

Pink Narcizo is more than photography for men. It is about people who put themselves on the spotlight and are in love with themselves. It is about narcissism. It is about seduction, erotism, homoerotic art and lust. And it is promising to offer visual orgasms to all voyeurs. YASS Magazine met the man behind this successful project that is taking over Instagram and this is the exclusive interview. For your eyes only. Enjoy at your own risk!


Who is Pink Narcizo?

I like to think that Pink Narcizo is an idea, a concept of people who likes to be liked, to have their reflection, their image and beauty showed and appreciated by other people, it’s about people in love with themselves, as Narcissus was.

Why did you choose this pseudonym?

Because pink is my fav colour pretty much. And also is queer. And my work is all about people in love with themselves, so, lots of narcissism. But in a good way, don’t even think about the opposite. It’s the power to love yourself, empower yourself, to accept your grace as it is. To embrace the wonder you represent to the world and be proud of that.


Do you consider yourself an influencer?

A bad influencer. LOL. Just kidding. Not at all.

How did Instagram help you settle your career?

Well, actually I don’t see my work as a career, to be honest. I mean, mostly I do that cause I love. So, it’s more artsy I like to think. But that aside, Instagram showed my photos to people all over the globe, allowing me to get in touch with different people and personalities (which is my favourite thing) and even to be seen by you guys 🙂

I use to have a “bigger” account earlier, but after a, let’s say, bolder post, Instagram deleted it without a warning. And I got blocked for like 90 days, so I couldn’t get a new profile. I almost gave up, it took me a while to start posting again, but I did that, and I’m happy today.

What are the types of men that you like to photograph?

The free spirited. Those full of life, it doesn’t matter if they’re shy or low profile. As long as they embrace the idea of freedom through nakedness, they’re one step ahead.

I choose my models based on my own personal taste in men. So, it’s also pretty personal and eclectic, I guess.

Was your previous Instagram account banned? Do you agree with the censorship of art in social media?

Yeah, it happened. And I didn’t even have the chance to complain. I absolutely do not agree with any kind of censorship when it comes to doing art. On Instagram specially, you have the option to follow or not whatever you want to see! So, why? It doesn’t make any sense, it’s BS.


Who are the photographers that have inspired your work?

Well, I get inspired by lots of artists, not only photographers. In that case, though, I have a friend and amazing artist who’s a fashion photographer and he always inspires me. He’s name is Marcelo Krasilcic, he’s based in New York.

You come from Brazil but you attract a lot of attention from an international gay audience. How did you manage to break the local boundaries?

Well, I didn’t even know I get lots of attention, lol… But I’m glad you’re telling me that. I guess some platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr allow that. Like, it’s free and (almost) democratic. So, people can see my work anywhere and tell their friends etc.

What do you like mostly about the male body?

I believe it’s the pattern of hair, that’s what I like the most. The way it’s distributed all over the body, even when the lack of hair is the design. And by all over I mean ALL over. All kinds of hair 🙂

Do you have a favourite model or photograph?

I love them all, my models. I have some photos I like very much, but I couldn’t talk about favourites… It’s like children, you know?


What is your biggest accomplishment?

As a guy who shoots naked dudes? It’s get to know different kinds of people, artists and queer personalities who teach me amazing things and show me unreal art all the time! That’s my fuel.

Moving forward, what are your future plans?

Well, I’m not thinking much ahead, but maybe soon I’ll show some of my work in an exhibition. And for now I’d be satisfied.

Would you pose naked for your platform?

I’d do that if I was in the mood suddenly, but I’m much more a behind the cameras type of guy for sure.

Who would you like to photograph for Pink Narcizo?

The guy next door, that guy I take the elevator whit, the one who liked some of my work or the guy I spotted on the beach. The cashier at the grocery store… I mean, some guys just get my attention and I kind of realise immediately how handsome and sexy they are.  Some friends. Some I met on Grindr or other dating apps. I like to discover those guys, out their sensuality. I’m taking advantage of my time in São Paulo for the next 4 weeks to do lots of great photoshoots with the most beautiful boys and I’m super excited. Lit things to come. Stay tuned 😉


More of Pink Narcizo here:



*all images are courtesy of Pink Narciso

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