Everyman celebrates LGBTQ+ History Month with Charity Gala Event

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month, the home of premium film entertainment, Everyman, has launched an LGBTQ+ art exhibition at its King’s Cross venue.

The eleven pieces of art now on display at the Kings Cross venue have all been donated by members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community. This includes a special contribution from TV personality and all-round national treasure, Gok Wan, titled ‘Pride’, in addition to works from artists represented by Illo Agency, including transgender artist, Veronica Johnson, and queer artist, Betsy Falco. Everyman is proud to be working with Illo Agency, whose aim is to connect progressive brands with diverse, genuine and unique talent to communicate their message and champion good causes.

The exhibition will draw to a close on Thursday 24th February with Everyman hosting a charity gala night auctioning the artwork to attendees in aid of Stonewall; the largest LGBTQ+ rights organisation in Europe that was founded in 1989 by a group of political activists including Sir Ian McKellen, Lisa Power, and Michael Cashman. 

As part of the gala evening, guests will be able to watch a special screening of Matthew Warchus’s 2014 movie Pride in which LGBTQ+ activists work to help Welsh miners during their strike action in the 1980s (if you haven’t seen it before, it’s a real feel-good tear-jerker). Sit back in the iconic velvet sofas with a cocktail or glass of something sparkling to celebrate this year’s LGBTQ+ History Month at Everyman Cinema’s Charity Gala. 

Tickets for this event are available to purchase now from everymancinema.com priced at £19.10 per ticket, with all proceeds going to Stonewall.

About Everyman Cinema

Everyman is redefining cinema. Bringing an innovative lifestyle approach to their venues, where you swap your soft drink for a nice glass of red wine and slice of freshly made pizza served directly to your seat. There are currently 36 Everyman cinemas across the UK. Created to deliver a warm and friendly atmosphere, with an excellent food and drink selection and fantastic customer service

About the Artists

Gok Wan

Fashion expert, award-winning TV presenter, author and all round national treasure,Gok Wan has taken the fashion and TV world by storm and has become one of the UK’s most sought-after entertainers. He made his mark by giving women the confidence to appreciate their bodies, whatever their size and encouraged women whatever their shape and size to strip for the nation!

Jodie Macpherson

Jodie is a Scottish Illustrator and designer, based in Glasgow, whose work is all about taking a playful approach to the mundanities of the every-day and the ridiculousness of us as human beings, through colourful and hyperbolic illustration.

Natalie Foss

Natalie’s drawings often mix the flat, almost graphic, with the 3-dimensional and detailed – often portraying alienated beings adorned by 60s/70s inspired patterns and motifs. She finds inspiration in everyday life – music, the ups and downs, people,
words, subcultures, fashion, patterns, light/shadow, and other observations.
Betsy Falco
Betsy (they/she) is a queer artist working in the east of England. She is a self taught
digital illustrator with a love for mythology/folklore, fantasy and cowboys. Her work is a culmination of her own obsessions—if Brokeback Mountain had a sequel set on Mount Olympus during October (Zeus is not invited).

Esther Lalanne

Esther is a cheeky illustrator born in Paris and currently living in London. She graduated in 2016, receiving several awards for her final year film about a boy on a journey of self-discovery. Her love for the craft of animation inspires her to create characters that are full of life and emotional depth, as well as a strong sense of movement. Drawing has always been the way she expresses herself, and she believes that her images have the power to influence the world around her.

Ellie Foster

Ellie is a Digital Illustrator who lives and works on a narrowboat on London’s canals. As a child, Ellie would ask grownups to write stories in her notebooks just so she could illustrate them, and spent most waking hours doodling. She uses bold colours, clean lines, and sometimes animation to celebrate beauty in all its diverse forms, as well as explore themes of equality, new motherhood, and friendship.

Veronica Johnson

Works in primarily digital mediums to provide a glimpse of the past using tools of the present, very much inspired by golden-age comic book artists such as Matt Baker, Reed Crandall, and Alexander Raymond, and various mid-century designs and advertisements. As a transgender woman, she has done several projects involving LGBTQ history and wants her work to be a reflection of the past rooted in a modern perspective.

María Jesús Contreras

María Jesús is a Chilean artist born in the south of her country in a rainy little town. Her illustrations are inspired by her early age, and the 90’s style, especially the colourful posters of supermarkets and other stores. Maria is currently exploring posters from the 70s and psychedelia, while most of her drawings feature animals and different creatures.

Eunjoo Lee

Eunjoo Lee, is a Korean illustrator. She graduated from Hongik University in Korea with a bachelor’s in visual design and completed her master’s in the same field at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Eunjoo has won illustration awards such as the AOI, 3X3, and American illustration. She has also exhibited her work in spaces such as the Hybe Insight Museum, a BTS agency, and Somerset House in London.

Rafaela Mascaro

Rafaela Mascaro is a designer from São Paulo, who is a Golden Retriever lover, likes to watch TV, eats chocolate and takes good pictures with her camera. When she’s not creating her illustrations, you can find her watching Friends or creating culinary delights in the kitchen.

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