Adriana from Drag Race Canada to YASS

Every week YASS brings you an exclusive interview of the queen who sashayed away last and got closer to becoming Canada’s next Drag Superstar. In the last episode we saw the queens compete for the crown and Adriana was the one who had to leave.

For those who don’t know, Adriana immigrated to Québec City from Colombia to join her mother at the age of 16, not knowing how to speak English or French. She’s become a star in many Québec City events, including Broadway themed shows, Burlesque, fetish, Le Carnival de Quebec, and more, while she is a three-time winner of Québec’s Drag Artist of the Year. Adriana, who is known for her very sexy, polished and versatile drag comes to YASS Magazine.

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How was in general of experiencing Drag Race Canada?

It’s incredible that I could live that. It was just surreal and this season is almost done and I’m still like “Did I do that? Was I really there”? I would go back anytime. It feels so good! When I went there, I went with the mentality that I was going to show myself having fun and not being too stressed about something, and, I did get in my head sometimes. But, I just I pushed myself out of there. I had a lot of fun and I met amazing people on stage behind the cameras. That was such an incredible experience.

What was the moment during the competition that you that you enjoyed most?

The moment of winning the challenge. Winning that challenge with a plate on my neck! That was the most uncomfortable thing that I’ve done. But it was the most valuable I thing in my whole career while looking so stunning and I’m so proud of that look, and proud of that performance! Winning cash prize being told you’re the winner of this week’s challenge. It’s incredible. There are no words to explain how you feel when when they announce you are the winner.

Catch Canada’s Drag Race S2 exclusively in the UK on WOW Presents Plus every Friday at 2am BST; Subscribe via

You emigrated from Colombia, with your mother, when you were 16. Right?

Yes, exactly.

And when did your career as a drug stop, start?

It started at 18 when I started going out. I realised I want to do this the first time I went to a drag show in Colombia. I started for the first time in Quebec City. And it was on this big stage with dancers and everything. At the beginning, I had a little misconception about what drag was. I was scared because of the criticism from my community. I felt that other guys in the community would be like “You are too feminine”, you know how the community can be. So I started as a backup dancer for another drag and I did it for four years. I had some projects in mind and I used to give them to the other drag queens and they were like “Nah, that’s not really my type”. So I decided I was going to try it. I’m an artistic person. I love makeup. So I tied it and six year later, I am here.

Catch Canada’s Drag Race S2 exclusively in the UK on WOW Presents Plus every Friday at 2am BST; Subscribe via

Wow. That’s amazing. That’s a very big accomplishment. How do you feel with the fact that you are already famous in Quebec, and Canada?

I have worked so hard and invested so much in my drag, and these words, mean a lot to me. It shows that the effort that I put on is worth something, not just to me but to the crowd! I may have not won the crown, but I think that I have won a lot of other things! I am representing proudly Columbia and Quebec. It’s the biggest achievement I would have dreamed. This accomplishment is the biggest thing; just being there. I do. It does reflect a lot in what I do. I feel my drag past this little colour when I perform on stage. And of course I’m always going to say that I’m proud of my culture that I’m proud of where I come from. My country’s beautiful, and I invite everyone there, because it’s just like me. Once you see it, you fall in love with it.

What is the biggest lesson that Drag Race Canada taught you?

The biggest lesson is that I can push myself further than I think and I can go there, because anything is possible. We put a lot of limits on ourselves. And we could do so much more if we just say “Hey, I think we can do that”. And even if you don’t succeed the first time, try the second time.

If you had the chance to go back again, would you do something differently?

I wouldn’t choose Sofia Vergara for the Snatch game. And in the Rusical I would push myself to get the role that I wanted.

What is your opinion about Kimora Amour’s final lip sync?

I think I understand where she was going. I understand that this song was kind of comedic. It was fun, but not like for two minutes and a half. It was a little messy, and it can be perceived as lack of respect for the other person. However, what I have to say is that I don’t think that she did it with that intention. I think that she just lost control over herself. It’s a very hard moment to be there.

More of Adriana here: Instagram: @adrianathebombshell Tik Tok: @adrianathebombshell

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