Peinado Studio is the queer folklore we need

June is the Pride month and we wanted to celebrate with an interview that reflects inclusivity and LGBTQ+ culture. Drag folklore and colour is what Peinado Studio is about! Peinado brand screams queerness, camp culture and bold statements. We met Dani, the founder of the brand that has become Instagram obsession and we talk about fashion and queer expression in these weird times!

photo by Aaron B. Davies @thefakeslats and model Any Keenx, Idylla and God Gypsy @anykeenx @drag_idylla and @godgypsy

How would you describe your brand?

My brand is a mix between drag and folklore with a lot of color, with a strong inspiration by my Andalusian culture.

What is the style of the clothes you design and who they address too?

I mainly like to design show clothes, but as long as they are comfortable and can have some more functionality than just being worn on stage. Right now my audience is singers and drag queens!

How does it feel to have your clothes worn by La Goony Chonga and design exclusive items for her?

For me, designing a costume for La Goony Chonga was like a dream. Because it gave me total freedom to do whatever I wanted, as long as it reflected her style. Later, when I met her in person, it was a love. Her energy is unique, I haven’t met anyone as special as her.

Name some people you would like to see your clothes worn by.

The truth is that I have a big list, but the main one I would love to see wearing a Peinado Studio would be Violet Chachki, because I love all her aesthetics. La Zowi, a Spanish trap singer and of course, Rosalía, because I think her influences are very close to mine and something very good could come out of it.

 photo by Alejandro Witrthwein @alejandrowirthwein and model Jarvy Blaq @jarvyblaq

Who are your inspirations?

My inspiration has always been John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. Two great geniuses who have managed to make haute couture out of any subject. I’m a fashion enthusiast and I love true creative minds. To this day I’m still inspired by those two great geniuses, all of Lee’s work up until his suicide and Galliano’s work for Dior. But a great inspiration for me will always be Cristina La Veneno, a very bizarre Spanish transsexual woman who became famous thanks to a TV show. She was the first to show a reality that no one in Spain wanted to see in those years and one of the first to demonstrate that you don’t have to have a vagina to be and feel like a woman.

 photo by Alejandro Witrthwein @alejandrowirthwein and model Jarvy Blaq @jarvyblaq

What do you foresee the future of fashion to be?

I hope that the future of fashion will follow an ecological and sustainable path, with less exploitation and use of animal skins. The fashion sector is one of the most polluting in the world. This is the first step we must take, to stop polluting so much, to use other methods to improve these aspects.

How is LGBTQ+ culture influencing your work?

The LGBTQ+ community influences me a lot and I work mostly for them, giving visibility to the queer world with my designs and my work for dragqueens. I am very proud of my community and will always support it and give it the visibility it deserves.

photo by Aaron B. Davies @thefakeslats and model Any Keenx, Idylla and God Gypsy @anykeenx @drag_idylla and @godgypsy

Did ASOS copy one of your designs? What happened in the end?

Well, it was Collusion, a brand that works inside ASOS that copied a design of a T-shirt for me. They actually made a “copy and paste” and just put their name on the collar. I couldn’t do anything for my design because it wasn’t patented. The only thing I got was to have it removed for two weeks while I was having a conversation with ASOS by mail. Then they finally told me that when I took the shirt out, they were designing it and that I couldn’t do anything. Thank God it’s already retired and they’re not selling it anymore. 

How would you describe your style?

My style is very urban, I love the sport style, it’s the one I would most associate with my own style and that many times I try to reflect in my brand.

photo by Aaron B. Davies @thefakeslats and model Idylla @drag_idylla

What has been the weirdest request from a fan?

So far I don’t think anything very strange has happened to me. I’m just being praised by instagram for saying that they like my work and that I’m going to go far. The only weird thing that has happened to me is that they recognise me on the street and stop to talk to me and tell me that they are my fans, and for me that’s weird because I’m not internationally known yet.

Is it something you would never design or wear?

When it comes to putting me on, I always say never say never. I used to wear only faggy pants and I said I wouldn’t wear wide pants and now I don’t wear fags and I only wear wide pants. Then, when it comes to design, I’m clear that I’ll never do children’s clothes. I don’t like it at all.

What are the most common mistakes in fashion?

Without a doubt, to think that something like craftsmanship or haute couture is going to cost the same as a zara dress.

photo by by Aaron B. Davies @thefakeslats and model God Gypsy @godgypsy

Have social media helped your brand?

Sure, of course. Instagram above all has really opened up a lot of doors for me. Thanks to Instagram I got to contact La Goony Chonga.

Do you believe in unisex clothes?

Everything I design is really unisex. I work for both men and women and there is no difference in what I do, I always design clothes that both sexes can wear, clothes without gender.

Who would be the most ideal brand ambassador?

I really think I have the best ambassador of my brand, which is my muse Idylla (@drag_idylla on instagram). She is a drag queen from here in Malaga, who is idyllic. She wears every outfit I make in a unique way, she turns them into catwalk costumes.

 photo by Alejandro Witrthwein @alejandrowirthwein and model Jarvy Blaq @jarvyblaq

Better dressed or undressed?

The mixture of both is perfection. Hinting at clothes is often better than nudity.

For whom would you easily get off your clothes?

No doubt because of my crush, but it’s a secret. but I could take my clothes off for Daniel Roseberry who is the current designer of Schiaparelli or for Casey Cadwallader, the designer of Mugler (I’m very much into the world of fashion, more than celebrities in general) 

What are the next trends we should be aware of?

For this autumn winter will take a lot of strong colors like intense blue, electric, pink fuchsia, red. the shorts, a mixture of the style of 2000 with the seventeenth century, vinyl, drapes and crow’s feet.

What makes you say YASS?

To see Bella Hadid on the catwalk, that’s my permanent YASS.

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