AMATORY ASYLUM is all about sex positive female empowerment

House of Kittens; the theatre company dedicated to an exploration into the world of erotic storytelling; is delighted to announce the launch of its latest venture – Amatory Asylum. 

Passionate about embracing the essence of the sensual pageantries of bygone times and presenting them in a new authentic voice; empowering women of all genders on the forefront of erotic performance art. Each show designed to examine and interpret the endless expression of pleasure with the ultimate aim of engaging audiences in a new, liberated theatrical movement. 

Amatory Asylum finds guests taking the role of medical observers within the immersive experience of a surreal and sensual world. Dr Lili La Fleur, head of the Asylum and presiding physician of sexual psychological studies, invites audiences to become part an exclusive experiment; designed to uncover and explore the most covetous of carnal cravings. 

A space for sexual liberation founded by the illustrious Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, audiences will act as record takers, preserving for posterity the decadent acts which they witness; as patients undergo an evening of observation and inflammatory experimentation – which will give flower to their deepest desires through sensory exploration and performance. 

Seeking sanctuary from a judgmental society in this haven of sensual salvation, audiences can witness Amatory Asylum’s ground-breaking techniques in psychosexual therapy, before enjoying the annual Amatory Asylum Ball where they may mingle with these newly liberated ladies. But never fear – to refrain guests being too swept away in the rather contagious passionate energies, they will be offered a full measure of antidote via an apothecary vile to keep their wanton cravings within control. 

Taking inspiration from cult films, high fashion, musical icons, and underground art; founder and director Sophie Cohen creates a bold form of storytelling, combined with exceptional costumes, musical curation and collaborative choreography. 

YASS Magazine met Dr Lili La Fleur and we indulged in a sensual and provocative conversation.

What shall we expect from the new show of The House of Kittens?

Sensuality, the macabre, humour, and of course lots of fun.

What is the message this immersive show conveys?

This show is all about sex positive female empowerment. A celebration of fantasy where nothing is taboo. Hopefully it gets people thinking about what they secretly find erotic.

Is the audience going to participate in the erotic show?

Ha! No, not in that way. We do engage directly with audience members at times, but we are careful to respect people’s boundaries as well as make sure everyone is having a good time.

What was the inspiration behind this show?

In the past we have always done a medley of erotic vignettes where this time we really wanted to tell a story from beginning to end. We have a piece call ‘Rapture’ and I decided to expand on this and tell the story behind it. I also love all things vintage medical so aesthetically that was a big inspiration.

Do you also perform in the show?

Oh yes.

How does it feel to be the creative director and a performer at the same time?

Hard! I also self-produce on top of all that. I have to wear so many hats at once and it can be difficult to find the space to think about my personal performance. But I’ve got an amazing team of women who are all very supportive as well as my partner who lets me bounce ideas off him.

How sexual liberation and pornography inspire art and vice versa?

Throughout history women have been censored and made to feel shame about their bodies and sexuality. Art is a place for freedom of expression and blurs the line of pornography. I think we are all interested in the erotic, but some people need to hide behind an ‘Art’ label to feel better about what they are looking at. So, to me they are interchangeable and one does not necessarily have more merit than the other.

How was The House of Kittens born and what it its mission?

House of Kittens is a melding of all the things I love most, femininity, costumes, music, dance, theatre, and human connection. I would say our mission is to create a movement around erotic storytelling from a female perspective. It originally started as just a great group of girls that were my friends. I would style and design all the costumes and we did podium for club nights. Then I was approached by Jess Morris (the founder of Rockins) to do a pans people tribute for her launch night and it gave us a push to create a choreography based show. From there we had a residency at The Box for six months and that gave me the confidence to start producing our own immersive theatre and club nights.

What is your opinion about the London theatrical scene?

If I’m honest I don’t see as much as I would like to, it’s terribly expensive and I am often pressed to find time (the joys of running your own company). I recently went to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time and saw so many amazing female lead plays. My top were The Patient Gloria and Crocodile Fever, both sublime.

What shall we expect from you in the future?

We are currently in talks about creating a touring show for the European market, a completely new immersive theatre concept which we are very excited about! We will of course also continue to do our more intimate events throughout London in the meantime so keep your eyes peeled.

Amatory Asylum will be the first event to  be hosted in the beautiful setting of the newly reopened Wellington Members Club on Jermyn Street, one of the most daring and exciting private members bars in London. 

Limited preshow dinner bookings with a set themed menu, are available for those wanting to make a night of it. Bookings can be made via 

Part immersive theatre, part physical performance and part dance party – Amatory Asylum offers a rare chance to see the best of the House of Kittens’ ensemble’s signature presentations as well as newly curated pieces, all packed into one extraordinary evening. Through conceptual dance and immersive theatre pieces, spectators will find themselves lost within the surreal and wonderful world created by the House of Kittens. 

Performed across two floors of decedent surroundings with twelve individual performances, lasting from 3.5 -16 minutes, Amatory Asylum explores everything from romantic love stories, to full on kink. 

Dress Code is Elegant, Medical, or Fetish – or all three for the truly creative – with prizes awarded for best dressed, by way of a drag ball/vogueing audience participation moment (only for the willing). 

Oh – don’t make any plans for the next day – the after party, a whirlwind of drag and disco, kink and high-kicks goes on until late. 

House of Kittens Amatory Asylum 


Thurs 10th & Fri 11th Oct 

Halloween: Thurs 31st Oct & Fri 1st Nov 

Thursday 14th & Friday 15th Nov 

Doors: open from 8pm. 

Dancing till late 

Where: Wellington Members Club on Jermyn Street 

Tickets: General Admission: £35-40. Limited table reservations are available 


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