Exclusive pass in the launch of Reuben De Maid’s L.A.S.H. beauty line

Reuben De Maid is one of the youngest and most popular influencers nowadays. There so many things to mention about him! First of all, he has received a standing ovation at Ellen Degeneres’s show. He has thousands of followers. He is currently filming his own fly on the wall reality series with Discovery called ‘Being Reuben’ which will be coming out towards the end of the year. Recently, he launched L.A.S.H. with W7 Cosmetics . And, most importantly, he disrupts gender stereotypes and is devoted to celebrating genderless beauty.

Hello Reuben de Maid! How do you feel as one of the most famous beauty influencers at such a young age?

It’s crazy to be doing what I love on a professional level at such a young age. I’m working with incredible brands and I never dreamed this would have been possible as an adult let alone now! In terms of being the most famous – I’m really not sure that I am, I don’t see it like that anyway. I always say fame should be a by-product of talent, not the other way round and I’ve still got lots and lots to learn.

Who are your biggest inspirations and role models?

I would definitely say as all-rounders the Kardashians have got to be up there, particularly Kris – she’s a media machine! Also having met Kim, not only is she hugely successful in her many fields but she’s also incredibly kind and humble, which was so lovely and refreshing as she is one of my all-time heroes.

I also truly admire Caitlyn Jenner, mostly for her ‘don’t give a damn what anyone thinks’ attitude, particularly in terms of her transition to becoming who she really wanted to be. I met her recently in LA and she was really lovely and inspiring. In the beauty world it’s got to be fellow male influencers like Patrick Starr and Mmmitchel. They were inspirations to me when I was starting out and helped me to realise that it’s ok and actually pretty cool to be different and not to be afraid to bend stereotypes.

How easy or difficult is to be an influencer in the beauty industry?

There’s naturally a lot of competition and content can be very similar in its blueprint, so you always have to try and be slightly different with what you’re putting out there. I think being a young teenager set me apart from a lot of my peers in the first place, but also as a boy who does make-up, you have to shine apart from all the female influencers as well as the other boys out there doing it. It’s amazing to see that the appetite for male beauty influencers and opportunities are growing so much, and W7 have really helped with that in the UK.

What does make-up mean to you?

For me, makeup allows for creativity in a space that’s less conventional than traditional art. It gives you the opportunity to decide who you want to be that day and express yourself. Funnily enough, that W7’s tag line too..!

How important is genderless beauty and how should it be celebrated?

I think the biggest celebration for me would actually be when it’s not ‘celebrated’, it’s just the norm. Where no one differentiates when they see a girl or a boy on a poster, on social media, or walking down the street wearing makeup and feeling fabulous.

YASS Magazine was there in the launching event and here are the exclusive images.

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