The Ginger Snapped review: Jinkx Monsoon on top of her game

Jinkx Monsoon is the definition of the talented drag queen. Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5, Jinkx know how to serve realness. And she knows it well. Performer, entertainer, comedian, actress and above all, queen!

Jinx is the alter ego of Jerick Hoffer, who graduated with a degree in theatrical performance from Cornish College in Seattle. With twelve years’ experience on stage, Hoffer is a seasoned Portland-born entertainer who has captured the attention of his native northwest region.

Following last year’s total sell-out tour of The Vaudevillians which was performed in countries around the world, RuPaul’s Drag Race winner of Season Five Jinkx Monsoon and lyrical genius Major Scales return to showcase new music from their latest album “The Ginger Snapped”… however Jinkx worries that her best years are behind her. In order to avoid a breakdown of diva proportions Major must act as both pianist and therapist to the Manic Miss Monsoon. Music and mental health collide in this witty, biting look at the dark side of Drag fame.

We had the pleasure to see Jinkx Monsoon live in “The Ginger Snapped” tour and here is the review.

Watching Jinkx Monsoon performing you understand that this girl has a talent! This show feels like the perfect combination between a musical, a concert, a session in your therapist and a mental breakdown, all at the same time, led by Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales. The script could not be any more relevant. No matter the autobiographical nature of the script, it is a play that most everyone can relate to.

Major Scales opens the show by letting the audience know that Jinkx is not at her best mood, while carrying a bottle of vodka. The set is minimal and cosy, just a piano, a chaise-long, a projector, microphones and 2 big personalities on stage. After Major’s intro, Jinkx enters and the audience is gagging. Seductive, glamorous, fragile and honest, Jinkx proves to be multi-charismatic and able to deliver, improvise and keep the audience thrilled at all time. Jinkx takes us through to her struggles and shows how fame can have an impact on your mental health.

The show includes several jokes about drag queens and RuPaul’s Drag Race and it could not be any funnier. Jinkx is spilling the tea and is throwing shade proving that humour is something that she definitely has. She works and banters with the audience and makes memorable references to legends like Bette Davies, Ethel Merman and Liza Minelli. Additionally, Jinkx questions the quality of the British TV making the show such a perfect fit for the British culture. It goes without saying that Jinkx and Major have adapted the show perfectly for the British audience. If you ever wondered who “chorizo” is spelled and why you have an obsession with bake-off, Jinkx is here to answer all these questions.

Apart from being an excellent comedy, this show clearly justifies the seriousness of its script. Monsoon explains in a very vivid way the weariness that being a drag queen entails, along with how challenging it is to be a gender-fluid and non-conforming in the societies we live, while at the same time calling for queer solidarity and questioning the political scene all across the world. She is so to the point and makes think seriously about the rights of LGBTQ+ people all around the world are.

From a musical perspective, the show was flawless. The vocals were just wow and Jinkx demonstrated her singing capabilities effortlessly. Music was pop inspired and the songs were very catchy. The duo, dressed in green (I wonder what Michelle Visage would say) was very dynamic and worked very well together. They were dynamic, engaging, motivating, professional, eye-pleasure and serving endless joy and realness.

In just 7 words: “Jinkx Monsoon on top of her game.”

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